Chrissie Hart


Following her collaboration with ‘Yolanda Be Cool’ on the album ‘Ladies & Mentalmen’ in 2012, Chrissie Hart’s debut EP ‘No Birthday’ depicts worldy experiences in the form of alternative, jazzy pop-rock.

This Auckland singer-songwriter traversed the globe for many years as a professional pianist/singer on cruise lines in the Caribbean and in 5-star hotels in China and Japan. From live-band karaoke, to wallpaper jazz for uninterested business men, to rock-shows on a revolving stage to decade-themed covers sets (in tacky costumes). From living in a 5-star luxury hotel suite to sharing a tiny ship cabin with dodgy roommates (like a pirate). Travels, life lessons, observations and sticky situations are condensed into memorable songs for your listening pleasure. Chrissie Hart’s debut EP ‘No Birthday’ pays tribute to growing up and finding yourself by staying young and original.

If you were to get hold of Chrissie Hart’s iPod classic, the click wheel scrolls through many alternative and popular piano-based artists such as Alicia Keys, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Carole King, Elton John, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor and Tori Amos.


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