Contract extended in Beijing

Time flies! I should have been leaving for NZ right about now, but I took up the offer for an extension. I will be playing on here at the InterContinental hotel, Beijing until the end of June. Beijing has been pretty cold lately! But I’ve been keeping myself entertained with some unusual winter pastimes such as “ice chairing” and getting around town jamming with musicians, both expats and locals.


Over the last few months, we’ve had a lot going on at the hotel’s Steak Exchange Restaurant and Bar such as Christmas, Children’s Day,  Chinese Singles Day, a Students Party, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of adjusting my music according to the atmosphere and clientele of these different events.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in some traveling over the holiday periods. I visited beautiful Hangzhou for New Year. I celebrated Chinese New Year with a friends family in Yuntai and also visited a costal town called Qingdao, where they make the famous Tsingtao beer.

So I’m keeping the China adventures rolling for a bit longer. It’s a great time to play music for a living whilst seeing the world and having new cultural experiences. Time flies! And in only a few months, I’ll be catching up with friends in family in NZ…


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