11 months on… Beijing contract complete!

All of Me photo
‘The Steak Exchange Restaurant & Bar’ at the InterContinental Hotel, Beijing

My solo performances as a pianist/vocalist continued six nights a week at the InterContinental hotel, Beijing. I really enjoyed meeting hotel guests from China and around the world.

I welcomed the arrival of spring by bike-riding around Beijing and navigating the crazy traffic!  I enjoyed the beautiful local parks and the Pandas at Beijing zoo. I hiked the Great Wall for the third time. It never gets old! I visited the Old Summer Palace and 798 art district. I jetted to the neighbouring city of Tianjin on a high-speed train! And tried my hand at traditional Chinese paper cutting.

Spring merged into summer pretty quickly and we had a pool party on the hotel’s rooftop in amongst the office buildings. Was a great change to sing outside in the sun!

Beijing has a great musical nightlife. Finishing my performance at the hotel, I would quickly jump in a taxi to catch some local bands performing.

I would frequently join in with jam sessions around town. People of all nationalities would play music and sing, communicating via the universal language of music.

June 30th rolled around and my 11 month contract as a pianist-vocalist at the InterContinental hotel, came to an end. It was bitter-sweet to be leaving Beijing. China had given me many amazing cultural experiences as well as personal and musical growth. But it was also great to be heading home to NZ!

My farewell party with the staff at the ‘Steak Exchange Restaurant & Bar’

Thanks to my agency Segrace Entertainment as well as the team at InterContinental for a great time in Beijing! Aug 2015 – June 2016.

Here’s to the next adventure!

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